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Second Office Lines Up Companies For Government Contracts

There are many business opportunities accessible through local government departments and public entities in the growing Eastern Cape economy. The very first step in lining up your company to access these opportunities is to register on government’s Central Supplier Database (CSD).

The CSD serves as a single database for organisations, institutions and individuals who can provide goods and services to government for procuring from organs of state. If you are interested in pursuing the many opportunities to conduct business with government, your company must be registered on the CSD database, which links up with other government departments such as SARS (South African Revenue Services) and CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission), as well as local commercial banks to have company information verified.

While businesses can self-register on the CSD online, many companies never complete this crucial first step, due to the cumbersome and time-consuming process, which involves first registering as a natural person before the business can be registered and navigating a series of emails, One-Time Passwords sent to a cellphone, and verifications.  

Responding to an overwhelming number of requests for assistance from local businesses, East London-based virtual office provider Second Office has added CSD Registration to its range of unique business solutions designed to “run your office while you run your business”. These include premium office space and a range of administrative services delivered by professional staff, on highly flexible hourly, daily, weekly or monthly terms. In addition, their unique Tender Support Services Solution improves prospects of tender success with on-time, procedurally-correct tenders.

Second Office’s CSD Registration offering now further enhances the capabilities of businesses to do business with government with a simple, affordable service that professionally guides businesses through the various steps, captures the required information on the government system, follows up to ensure verification and delivers a Registration Report Summary with the company’s M number and full details. 

“We are excited about the business prospects in the Eastern Cape and passionate about facilitating business growth and success in the area!” notes Sibongile Booi, founder of Second Office. “It is the driving force behind the solutions we continue to create, including modern virtual offices and business resources, our Tender Support Services and now our CSD Registration service, which will allow companies and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the many opportunities to do business in the Eastern Cape.”